Auratac® Magnetic Glassboard

Auratac® Magnetic Glassboard was a proprietary product and invention by the research & development team of Sungei Emas Pte Ltd. The glass was derived from a simple idea of integrating cutting edge technology using light weight optical glass into designer pieces for the wall. AURATAC® not only creates an attractive high gloss with classy façade, it is highly practical for planning and organization in both residential and commercial projects as the surface is magnetic and can be written on.


Auratac® Magnetic Glasses are all about aesthetics, functionality and quality. We will provide 1 year warranty for the glass surface, ensuring it will remain perfect to write and easy to clean provided the right accessories are used, e.g. chalk marker, micro fibre cloth.


Safety is our top priority when glasses are essentials to Auratac® Magnetic Glassboard construction for clients of residential, commercial, industrial projects; we identify the backbone as the safety backer with bonds and therefore sent it for TUV SUD testing. The test has proven safety behind glass ensures that the glass disintegrates into small crack lines when it breaks and bonded on safely without falling.

Why Auratac® Magnetic Glass Series?

-Sleek aluminium & fixture design makes installation swift & efficient.

-Light weight optical glass with low density makes lighter load and less stress.

-Magnetic glass surface enables easy pin on with magnet for planning & organizing.

-Optical glass surface is extremely flat & even, chalk marker can be written on effortlessly.

-Colour clarity of optical glass is uniform; it ensures consistency over the surface finishes.

-Auratac:registered: glass dimensions are custom made, and glass finishes are available for selections.

-Magnetic glass surface has high resistance to cleaning and alcohol agent.

In small offices where space is a limitation, AURATAC® sliding door series can act as partitions in between office spaces but with the functions of a basic magnetic whiteboard, allowing meetings to be held anywhere in the office. Storage system doors need not be plain with no use anymore; they can be enhanced by AURATAC® to be part of the cabinets for reminder boards or to-do list panels. Making full use of their office area and integrating AURATAC® into their office furniture ensures a maximization of their workspace.

With our AURATAC® installed in the conference rooms and offices in German Centre, the employees can brainstorm anytime, anywhere by jotting down their thoughts and cladding pieces of paper onto the magnetic glass board!

Walls can now be filled with colourful and aesthetically gorgeous AURATAC® that couples up with great functionality to clad on items through its magnetism and to enable writing or drawing that unleashes the creativity.

Study desks can be fixed with AURATAC® panels to clad their bills or notes and to write reminders for family members. Different customized sizes and colours can be catered to the theme of the rooms. It is also a perfect companion for children as a reminder board and for them to put their notes and worksheets using our AURATAC® magnets. They can also unleash their creativity and draw or write on AURATAC® and to clad on items with magnets.

In residential areas, using AURATAC® for the kitchen backsplash assists users in the kitchen as their recipe books can be attached to AURATAC® instead of taking up the counter space. Dry-erase markers can also be used to write on the kitchen backsplash and the writings can be erased off easily. Coupling with the high-gloss and aesthetically beautiful AURATAC® as the kitchen backsplash, it is easy to maintain as stains can easily be wiped off. Kitchen cabinet doors can also be installed with AURATAC® panels with the same functions as a kitchen backsplash.

AURATAC® sliding door series creates more design and possibilities for the clients. They can utilize mirror AURATAC® sliding glass panels to visually enhance the living space while having practical functionality for them.