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OPSH® Pole System Walk-in Wardrobes in HDB
January 7, 2021
OPSH, pole system wardrobe, Singapore

OPSH Black and White Glass Kitchen

As a leading manufacturer and specialist of pole system wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, OPSH® has a few tips for you when you are renovating your kitchen! We take into consideration practicality, functionality as well as feng shui of the kitchen cabinet for daily use and heavy cooking.

There are many different shapes of kitchen layouts – some common ones are namely, straight kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, L-shaped kitchen with island, U-shaped kitchen, galley kitchen and G shaped kitchen. To determine the shape of the kitchen, you will need to first understand your requirements and the amount of space that you have. Take a look at the details that you will need to take note for each type of kitchen layout.

Kitchen Layout

Kitchen is one of the important aspect of house feng shui and with good feng shui, it is believed that it will help improve the quality of our lives and create a harmonious, healthy and wealthy family. The basic feng shui elements are metal, wood, water, fire and earth and there should be a balance of it in the kitchen. There should be avoidance to place opposing elements opposite each other or directly next to each other. This thus gives rise to the popular kitchen triangle concept where the sink, stove and refrigerator will be placed in a triangle.

pole system wardrobe singapore

OPSH Kitchen Layout

Regardless of what your kitchen cabinet layout is, consideration should be placed for the kitchen triangle. It is also logical to place your sink, stove and refrigerator in this manner as it is easier to work around the kitchen as well.

OPSH® has designed and manufactured many different types of kitchen cabinets and you may take a look at our gallery here!

If you’re wondering how you should design your corner cabinets, stay tuned to our next article for more ideas!

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