Our Story


OPSH® has come a long way from a hardware supplier to a principal manufacturer of OPSH® products. Incorporated in 1983, our company has gone through a long history of evolvement and takes pride in the products that our in-house R&D team has come up with. In 1999, having grown alongside Singapore, our company has identified the issue of space constraints of urban living and decided to transform to help provide solutions for space saving and has since earned several trademarks under us, with OPSH® as the main brand.

About OPSH®

The design aesthetics and the functionality of OPSH® products are built according to feedbacks and experience of our customers for over 20 years. We pride ourselves as a company who desires to innovate our products and to cater to the needs of our clients. We hope to play a role in conserving the environment albeit it a small contribution, thus we advocate the use of quality engineered materials which are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Furniture is a basic essential component of a beautiful and comfortable home. Having quality products in the house enhances the lifestyle of the people who stay in it. OPSH® promotes the modern art of fine living and strives to aggrandize the lifestyle of our users.

OPSH® has strong market presence in Singapore and Malaysia and we are consistently striving to expand globally. Singapore is our company’s main headquarters and we are also working with many renowned developers, architects and designers in the world to deliver good quality products that will enhance your lifestyle.