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How to Maintain a Capsule Collection of Clothes in Your Wardrobe

Maintaining a capsule wardrobe is an excellent way to have a streamlined and organised wardrobe that you can easily mix and match.

It also helps save time when getting dressed as you would not have to wade through countless pieces trying to decide what looks good together. Plus, by investing in quality items, your capsule wardrobe will last for many years.


What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of timeless, versatile pieces that never go out of fashion and can be combined to create a variety of looks.

It should contain items such as basic t-shirts and blouses, trousers, jeans and skirts, along with accessories like watches, bags and jewellery.


Building Your Capsule Collection

When building your capsule wardrobe, it is important to only include items that you love and feel confident wearing. Select pieces in neutral colours such as black, white, navy and beige, which are easy to mix and match. Also, consider adding a few statement pieces like patterned blouses or printed pants.

When it comes to accessories, choose simple but classic designs that will go with any outfit. Do not forget to include some layers like cardigans and jackets for colder days.


Maintaining a Capsule Wardrobe

Here are some tips to help you maintain your capsule wardrobe:


1) Update items as needed

As trends come and go, replace older items with new ones from time to time. If you find an item you absolutely love, feel free to add it to your capsule wardrobe.

A useful suggestion is to search for pieces of clothing that can be easily worn in both casual and formal occasions. By doing so, you can maximize the benefits of your capsule wardrobe and ensure each item can be utilized in various outfits.


2) Purge regularly

Go through your wardrobe every three months and donate or sell anything that you no longer need or wear. This will help keep your wardrobe fresh and up-to-date.

If you want to maintain your capsule wardrobe, consider taking out these items:

  • Anything you have not worn or liked as much as you thought you would
  • Items that do not match the other pieces in your capsule
  • Anything that is not suitable for the current weather
  • Items that are stained, damaged, or worn out
  • Clothes that do not fit comfortably or do not flatter your figure
  • Anything that does not suit you but you kept it in hopes of finding a better replacement
  • Items that you are tired of wearing and do not reach for anymore.


3) Invest in quality pieces

A few good quality pieces can last a long time and ensure that you always look put together without having to shop for new items. Always opt for good quality materials that will withstand wear and tear.

Additionally, make sure to be intentional with your purchases and only buy items that you love and are sure to wear often.


4) Stick to a colour palette

Choosing a colour palette for your capsule wardrobe is a great way to ensure all the pieces mix and match together. You can create looks with different shades of one colour or choose colours that complement each other.

Plus, it will save you time in the morning when you are trying to figure out what to wear.


5) Take stock of your wardrobe

Regularly take inventory of all the items in your wardrobe and get rid of anything that no longer serves you or does not fit. This is crucial for maintaining a capsule collection and keeping it streamlined.

Organizing your wardrobe with a capsule in mind will make it easier to find what you need and ensure that the items you have are timeless pieces that you will wear over and over again.



Maintaining a capsule collection of clothes in your wardrobe system is an effective way to create timeless looks with fewer pieces. Having fewer but quality items in your wardrobe can also save you time when deciding what to wear, as well as money in the long run.

With careful organization and thoughtful curation, you can create and maintain a capsule wardrobe that is timeless, classic, and minimalistic.

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