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Tips to Maintain Your Glass Wardrobe

Tips to Maintain Your Glass Wardrobe

Tips to Maintain Your Glass Wardrobe

Glass wardrobes not only look aesthetically pleasing but also can be very convenient when looking for clothing. However, glass can get smudgy and even scratched from time to time, which is why learning the right methods to clean and maintain your glass wardrobe can be useful in the long term.

Cleaning Glass

It is common to leave smudges on your glass wardrobe. The important part is knowing how to clean it properly so that your glass wardrobe will remain looking elegant even after a long period.

Cleaning Product

When selecting a cleaning product for your glasses, it is essential to choose one specifically designed for glass and mirrors. An all-purpose spray or glass cleaner would be the ideal solution as it can provide quick and convenient results.

Detergents with harsh chemicals should be avoided at all costs to prevent any damage from being caused to your glasses.

Cleaning Cloth

Avoid cleaning your wardrobe glasses with paper towels, which may lead to residue being left behind. Instead, opt for soft fabrics such as e-cloth or microfibre cloths when wiping the glass down – this will ensure that no smudges or smears are left.

How to Clean

For optimal results, use a ratio of 1 part cleaning product to 99 parts warm water when mixing your solution.

To remove stains and debris from glass, you should either wet a clean cloth or sponge with the cleaning solution and gently rub against the dirt. Otherwise, use a spray bottle to apply the cleaner directly onto the glass wardrobe. As a finishing touch, buff away any remaining residue using an e-cloth or microfiber product for maximum shine.

Other than that, following the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines will guarantee a safe and successful cleaning of your glass wardrobe.

A Natural Alternative

A vinegar (with an exception for brown vinegar) and water solution can be excellent for cleaning glass wardrobes. The mixture evaporates fast, has disinfecting qualities, and is gentle enough that it is unlikely to damage your wardrobe or its contents.

For a simple, effective cleaning solution, mix 250 ml of water with 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the surface and then wipe it away to rid them of dust and marks.

Be careful that you don’t get the solution on metal frames or track lines though as this can cause corrosion over time.

Clearing the Tracks

Regularly clearing the sliding door tracks of your glass wardrobe is not only important but essential.

Over time, the tracks can accumulate dust and debris which will impede the smooth gliding motion of the wardrobe when opening and closing. Staying ahead of this problem by regularly checking for any buildup or obstructions will help to maintain uninterrupted use.

To make sure your tracks are entirely free of dust, use the crevice nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean between each runner. This will get rid of any dust or carpet fibres that have accumulated there.

Other Maintenance Tips

Wardrobes made of glass can be a nightmare when it comes to scratches and other damage – not just because they’re damaged, but also because they don’t look as attractive.

To protect against both minor scratches and more serious fading spots caused by sunlight exposure, consider adding a protective film to the glass. Not only will this help preserve their appearance of them for longer periods, but it’s an easy solution that doesn’t require too much effort or money.

Furthermore, regular application of furniture polish on the sliding tracks can ensure that your glass wardrobe will slide open and shut seamlessly.


By following these simple steps, your glass wardrobe can remain in its pristine condition for years. Each week, make sure to devote a few minutes towards maintaining it, and you will be able to enjoy its beauty and elegance for years to come.

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