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Best Materials To Use For Your Wardrobe

Best Materials Used for Wardrobes

When designing your wardrobe, space planning is important, but one thing we should also consider before making a decision is the material of your wardrobe

From texture to colour, ritzy satin-coloured poles to pearl silk poles, everything in your wardrobe can be personalised. Here we break down some key materials that you can look out for when building your next wardrobe.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

If you are someone who leans towards sustainable materials in your home, then MDF might be the best option for you. MDF is made up of recycled pieces of wood pressed together with glue and subject to high temperature and heat. Because MDF is largely constituted of what would typically be a waste—wood shavings and other parts, it produces minimal environmental impact with less waste production.

Since it is pressed together, the resulting surface is smooth and uniform. This ensures that it is easy to clean and maintain. It also lasts longer than other materials before needing a new coat of paint!

It is also relatively affordable and cheaper than plywood which can be the best option for people who are on a budget and would want something pleasing to look at in their bedroom.



If you want something durable, then plywood is for you as it is considered the most durable and robust option out of this list. Plywood is made from thin sheets of wood which are glued together in layers, with each layer being orientated at a 90-degree angle to the one above it. This gives it great strength and flexibility and better durability than solid wood.

Since the wood is glued together, it is generally considered lighter and easier to work with, making it versatile for wardrobe customisations. It is also affordable and widely available.


Solid Wood

Solid wood is timeless and classic for any wardrobe design. Many homeowners who are unsure about what materials to use for their wardrobe choose solid wood or glass.

Its natural colour and texture can fit into any setting either be it dark or light in tone as they have a chameleon-like texture that adapts to any surroundings.

Unfortunately, solid wood is also one of the most expensive materials due to its quality and high demand around the world.



Glass is probably the most modern out of this list, it incorporates modern and contemporary styles that can give a unique touch to any room. It is also one of the most versatile materials, that can be used in almost any room or space. Its reflective surface adds depth, light and dimension due to its transparency.

When installed properly, glass furniture pieces look extremely elegant and modern, but there are some drawbacks. Glass is a fragile material that can get easily scratched or broken if not handled properly. Regular cleaning is required to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating, making it a high-maintenance material.

Despite this, glass furniture pieces are highly sought after as they look incredibly chic and add an air of sophistication to any room. It is perfect for people who want a minimalist look for their home design.


Still thinking about what materials to go with?

You can try to mix and match materials to get the best of both worlds. An example we suggest is using wood for the base of your wardrobe and glass for the wardrobe doors. That way, it incorporates both style and functionality for your exact needs.

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