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Deciding Between Walk-In and Built-In Closets for Your Home

When it is time to remodel your home, one of the key decisions you would need to make is what type of closet to include.

Do you want a walk-in closet that is accessible from your bedroom? Or a built-in closet that is more integrated with the rest of your home?

Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to weigh your options carefully before making a decision. Here is a closer look at walk-in and built-in closets, to help you decide which is right for you.

Overview of Walk-In Closets: Pros and Cons

To give a brief overview, walk-in closets are wardrobe spaces that offer flexibility in terms of size and use. Some common pros to consider are:


Increased storage space:

Walk-in closets provide more room than traditional wardrobe setups, making it ideal for storing both large and small items. This benefits people who are very inclined to fashion or working professionals who need a suit day in and day out. Walk-In closets usually come with various shelves, drawers, and hangers to cater to different types of clothing items.


With a walk-in closet, you have the option to customize your wardrobe according to your needs. You can choose from a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, melamine, and other finishes to make sure your wardrobe fits into the aesthetic of your home. Furthermore, you can add additional shelving, drawers, and other components to increase the storage capacity of your wardrobe. You’ll be able to store a variety of items from clothing, accessories, and even jewelry. This makes it so that items aren’t as disorganized as it stands. Speaking of being organized..

Organization & Security:

With a walk-in closet, you can easily keep all of your belongings in one place. The shelves and drawers will allow you to organize your possessions according to type or season, making it convenient for you when selecting an outfit for the day or storing away items for future use. Additionally, opting for locks on the doors or drawers adds enhanced security so that your valuables remain safe from theft or damage.


A walk-in wardrobe can provide a luxurious and premium experience. The natural light used to illuminate the closet can make the space feel more comfortable and inviting, while also providing the perfect setup for trying on outfits or accessorising. With thoughtful design, you may even add seating options or ottomans for taking breaks in-between sorting through items.



Depending on the dimensions of the walk-in closet, this could be a pro or a con. If your home isn’t large enough to include a spacious closet, you’ll have to make use of whatever space is available and that may not be enough for all of your belongings.

Of course, not all is lost and they are some ways that you can still have your dream walk-in closet. One way is using additional shelving and racks to expand your available storage space or utilizing decorative boxes and baskets as a way to organize and store items.


Installing and maintaining a walk-in closet is expensive due to furniture pieces like shelves, drawers, and hangers needed for storage purposes as well as lighting fixtures necessary for proper visibility inside the room or area. In a manner of speaking, walk-in closets are usually labeled as luxury items and not many people have the capabilities to afford them.


A walk-in closet is a luxury, well here’s one reason why installing a walk-in closet is just only the beginning. You would still need to take care of it’s components like the shelves, drawers, and hangers. This means that you will be required to constantly clean and dust these areas because they will eventually accumulate dust, dirt, and even bacteria over time.

Overview of Built-In Closets: Pros and cons

While a walk-in closet can seem luxurious, built-in closets also exist for a reason, and here’s why:



One of the biggest associates that people find is walk-in closets being pricier than built-in closets and that is true to a full extent. Walk-in closets are larger and require more materials, which makes their price higher. Built-in closets are smaller and much cheaper compared to the walk-in closet option.


With built-in closets, you can easily customize the look of your closet with different shelves, drawers, rods, and other accessories. You can also choose from a variety of finishes for the doors or panels which allow you to further modify your look. In that regard, it means that you have every means to make the wardrobe feel like a part of your home’s interior. On the other hand, walk-in closets come in pre-fabricated designs and sizes for you to choose from which might or might not be to your liking in general.


Built-in closets offer a higher level of durability. As they are made to fit within the walls and flooring, they have a better hold and extra support compared to their walk-in counterparts. On the other hand, while walk-in closets might seem as sturdy due to their larger size, they are more prone to wear and tear and need more maintenance.



When it comes to space, this can go both ways as the decision depends on your individual needs and preferences. Built-in closets might not technically be bigger than walk-in closets but they sure do occupy less space. But this also comes from our pros previously as you can customize your built-in closet however you see fit either adding additional shelves or draws to it.


When it comes to cost, built-in closets are usually more expensive as they require some customization work along with the installation process. On the other hand, walk-in closets require only a one-time fee for purchasing them due to their pre-fabricated designs. They often come in different sizes and shapes to fit anyone’s budget.

Installation Time

Built-in closets require more time and effort to install. Professional help is usually needed if you don’t want to make any mistakes with the measurements, which can lead to additional costs as well. On the other hand, walk-in closets come pre-assembled and only need a few screws or nails to be secured in place. This allows for a faster installation process and less time spent hiring someone to do it.

Comparison between Walk-in and Standard Built-in Closets: Which is better?

The answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. Providing more than enough room for multiple people’s belongings, walk-in closets not only serve as a storage area but also can double as everyone in the family’s dressing room. Additionally, many choose a walk-in wardrobe because it allows them to showcase their clothing and other accessories rather than just storing them.

On the other hand, built-in closets are best for those who want to save on space or who do not mind spending the extra time and money for a professional installation.

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